retiring the fall list.

19 Nov
Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  Snow has fallen in the Cities.  (Check off the scarves, boots and puffy vests!  They’ve all came out, along with the green mittens.)  The fall list needs to meet its end.  We had a good run.  Winter list?  Coming soon.  As for the remaining items left undone – 
{ get lost in a corn maze }
{ bake a pie }
I simply failed at this one.  Oh well.
{ prepare a pot of chili, beer bread, invite friends over to enjoy }
{ step on the crunchy leaves }
{ sew a baby quilt }
{ homemade pizza on the pizza stone }
{ attend a wine tasting }
{ make and share these }
{ 10k training – the hiatus is over – it’s back on }
Well.  This is on.  And then off.  I have been enjoying a weekly pilates class … which is my lame excuse for not running more …
{ find a fall festival }
{ cabin weekend. a hike to the fire tower }
{ scarves.  puffy vests.  boots. }
{ read a for-fun book }
I’m working on this but it’s simply not complete yet.  I’m about halfway through Mansfield Park on my kindle.  The latest joy of the kindle is that I can adjust the type size and set it on the treadmill.  Gym time has become my for fun reading time.  Love it.
{ cheer on the twins from target field }
{ take a stroll around a lake } 
{ pick my own pumpkin.  carve.  light. }

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