be thankful on paper (3).

18 Nov
Week three of being thankful on paper and I wrote to my sister.  My sister is nine years younger than I. She was born when I was in fourth grade and boy, was I excited to have a baby sister in the house.  I was the ‘second mother’ – changing diapers, feeding, babysitting as I could at that age.  
As she has grown older, she’s had a different childhood than my brothers and I – not living on the farm,  or forced to do tobacco labor, and being the younger spoiled child (joke, Mom, joke) –  but Emma has become quite the wonderful and grounded 18 year old.  We share a mutual love of cardigan sweaters and scarves, not to mention a similar obscure sense of humor.  We’ve bonded through Gilmore Girls and Twilight.  We look alike; the identification of our baby pictures sometimes relies on the background or clothing to determine which is which.  But even now – I still remember one woman asking us a few years ago, “Which one of you is older?”  For real, woman?  
She’s pretty cool and more popular than I ever was or ever will be.  (cough prom queen cough) One complaint — she refuses my suggestion of Luther for undergrad next year.  Wherever she goes, she’ll do great work, make loads of new friends, and change the world.  I’m pretty confident about that.

I’ve linked my blog here – jump on over to read more notes about being thankful!

3 Responses to “be thankful on paper (3).”

  1. hannah singer at 12:24 pm #

    Cheers to fabulous sisters!

  2. elsiee at 12:21 am #

    your sister the cough prom queen cough… that is hilarious!!! and the love is obvious and lovely too!

  3. Adrian at 1:56 am #

    I'm thankful for my sister too this week. It's so nice to have wonderful sisters don't you think?

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