fifth annual bake-off.

2 Dec
Oh my goodness.  I’m just realizing that I never wrote about the fifth annual Thanksgiving Day Bake-Off!  How could I forget?  No worries.  I’m here now with pictures and the whole story …
The fifth annual Thanksgiving Day Bake-Off was planned by my cousin, Connor, and I.  We hold all power in the bake-off as the ones born on December 8th.  We decided on the rules for this year’s bake-off and let the baking begin.  (Please find the official rules at the bottom of this post.)

The day approached.  Tensions grew high.  Who would win and earn the honor of wearing the apron?  

Eh.  We don’t really know.  We never really voted. 

But my grandma said I won.  And who’s to challenge Grandma Julie?

I think Connor was disqualified.  His version of a bird was clever – humor points given – but he did not follow rule number five.  His pie was grabbed from the freezer.  His mom had bought it.  I call his entry not valid.  

What will happen next year for the sixth annual bake-off no one knows.  But I can pretty much guarantee Connor will enter with the hopes of finding another clever way out of actually putting forth any culinary effort. 

The fifth annual Thanksgiving Day Bake-Off participants hitherto agree that they will —

1. Bring their entry to Thanksgiving (Location: TBD.)  Entries should be carried/packed in any type of container.  (Previous years prove that the ‘undisclosed’ container and paper bag rules are not followed – let the chaos ensue.)
2.  The entry, brought by the participating cousin, must be a dessert.
3.  The dessert must bear some resemblance to a bird.  (Bonus points if it’s a good-looking turkey.)  In other words, make it into a bird.
4.  The dessert-that-looks-like-a-bird may not actually include any poultry.
5.  Participant must bake/create said bird dessert by oneself.  
6.  Though the theme of this year’s bake-off is presentation-heavy, the taste of the dessert will still be judged.
7.  The winner, in both presentation and taste, will win the honor of having his/her name written on the very official bake-off apron. 
As always, participation, rules, and any day-of clarifications are governed and decided by those born on December 8.

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