2 Dec
That hairdresser I’m smitten with?  I visited Brent yesterday.  But it turned out to not be just him.  Cory washed my hair, observed the hair cut, and then helped diffuse (dry) my hair.  Cory – with gauged ears, a nose ring, and italian loafers – and I had a great conversation about Lutheranism.  Then it was the strangest to have two guys, one on either side, going at my curls with blow dryers.  Obscure.  (But also fast.  I wish I had four hands and two blow dryers each morning to dry my hair.)
I assisted at Luther Seminary’s morning chapel.  There is chapel each weekday morning at school, with Wednesday being a longer service which includes communion.  I assisted and got many compliments on my shoes.  When you have a wear a robe, one must wear fun shoes.  
I ate lunch with a group of friends and one of my Children, Youth, and Family professors.  We’re brainstorming a ‘Cooking Pastor’ cooking show.  Seriously.  Filming may begin this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted.
I submitted my ever-stressful mobility paperwork for placement within the ELCA.  (woot!)  My future is now in the hands of the bishops.
I needed groceries.  My fridge had been empty since my return from break.  Coming out of the grocery store, the bell-ringing Salvation Army man stopped singing his “Come-to-Jesus” song to wish me a merry Christmas and tell me he liked my coat.  Why, thank you.
Add confirmation and an early bedtime and that’s my Wednesday.

How was yours?

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