27 Dec
I helped my mother for a few hours last night, sorting and cleaning the basement.  What did I find?
1. My Wisconsin and Iowa teaching licenses.  Never actually used those …
2. Nancy Drew collection.  Belonging to my mom as a young girl, I read all of these yellow hardcover mysteries at least three times as a kid.  My mom thought she might like to try and sell them online – VETO.  I dream of ordering them on a bookshelf of mine someday; books are always pretty but books filled with nostalgia and hours of glorious reading are absolutely wonderful.
3. Eight jars of jam.  Mmm.  Thumbprint cookies to come.
4. “God is Everywhere” picture book.  Sounds like a threat.  (Law and gospel?)
5. My professional teaching portfolio.  Well over 100 logged hours of projects, lesson plans, and papers about to be recycled.  It was the culmination of my undergraduate degree and throwing it out doesn’t make it seem like a waste of four years.  Of course not …
6. Book cloth.  Book board.  Incomplete book art projects.  Proof that I skip hobbies every couple of years and the supplies from the former gather dust.  (An expensive habit.)  Next up: knitting (while continuing to quilt).

One Response to “found.”

  1. ourlittlesliceofhappy December 28, 2010 at 9:28 pm #

    number 5 seems all too familiar… they should put a warning on those teaching degrees, like "don't try so hard, you won't ever use this anyway"

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