nothing like it.

31 Dec
Sitting around an all-too-familiar table with glasses of wine and old friends.  We did nothing but talk … update … catch each other up on our respective lives.  We all had a chance to share, no one person dominating conversation more than another.  Topics ranged from the serious where listening ears and compassionate responses were given, to the ridiculous. (Lynn feels there is absolutely no logical reason for blimps to be in existance.)  We were two Bananas short of the full bunch, but one H-Banana blessed.  (A shout-out to – I’ve learned – a faithful blog reader – erm, stalker? – and Honorary Banana, Theresa, who was hilarious.  As always.  I’m glad she came over to share in the table talk.) 
It has easily been at least four – probably more – years since I’ve walked in the back door at the Schaaf house but I did it so much during high school that it seemed perfectly normal and right last night.  There certainly have been changes since I’ve last sat around that kitchen table.  Marj has a dog now.  A dog.  Jenni has been swept off her feet to live in Indiana with her flannel-sporting mountain man, Joe.  Each Banana has been on her own journey of job transitions, children, marriages, and figuring out what this life is all about.  But we still gathered around that table, drank wine, and shared stories like we had never left.  Nothing like it.

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