a story for friday.

14 Jan
I woke up this morning and felt along my beside table to find my glasses.  Found them.  Slipped them on.
I normally go straight for the shower but this morning I was feeling lazy.  It is Friday, after all.  I turn on the lamp by my desk and open up my computer while still gathering my morning wits.  
What’s going on, I wonder.  I can barely see the computer screen.  And it’s kinda dark.
Am I losing my sight?  I have to lean in way close to my computer screen to read my inbox.  And why is the computer screen so dim?
I step back, realizing what is happening, and begin to freak out.  Just a little bit.  Seriously.  I can’t see at any distance.  It should be a lot brighter in my room with the lamp on.  What is going on?!  Seriously!  Is this the beginning stage of going blind?
In my still sleepy, freaking-out state, I reach for my glasses.  Maybe they just need to be cleaned?
(Really, no.  That would not have fixed it unless my glasses happened to have been caked in mud.  But I was still half asleep, guys.  I didn’t want to go blind and was willing to try anything!)
I reach up … and take off my non-prescription sunglasses.
Duh.  Wrong glasses.

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