16 Jan

The sixteenth president of the United States.  Whose head should not be visible when checking the tread on your car tires.

Or, maybe what I was really going for —
Links.  (Kinda like ‘pimpin’ but ‘link’in’ instead?  No?  Never say those words again?  Okay.)  I’ve had a number of people ask me lately where I find blogs to follow; what follows is kinda how it works.  I find a blog or two that I like, stalk their favorite blogs (as listed typically on a side column), and repeat.  Sometimes, you can hit the jackpot of all link’ins — blogs will have a post of their current favorite links – often on the weekends – from the blogging world to click on, explore, and begin the blog stalking all over again.  This is where Google Reader comes in.  Add your new favorite blog to your feed and viola!  
(One great example: This site, OnePrettyThing, is actually a roundup of links to other blogs EVERYDAY.  Some of the projects are kinda ridiculous but there are some good ones/ways to adapt/the finding of wonderful blogs amidst the crazy.)  
Here are my current favorites, my weekend round-up.  It could also appropriately be called “The ways Lindsay avoided studying for her history test.”

I made this for dinner on Sunday evening.  An excuse to use my food processor.  (Always looking for those.)  It was pretty yummy … and crazy to think it mainly consisted of soybeans.  (I used to grow those. Rather, my dad did.  But I played in the gravity wagons that carried them and climbed up the bins that stored them.)

These are a possibility for Monday morning, an addition to an already delicious weekend.

My friend, Sara, and I made our way to northeastern Minneapolis on Saturday and checked two of three off this list.  City Salvage was closed for remodeling.  Bummer.  However, Wilde Roast has a DEE-licious mint mocha and super fun atmosphere.  And we found a wicked-weird “antique” store en route.

Creepy Santa in a cardboard box chimney —  an antique? 

Another link from the blog I’m a tad-bit obsessed with —  This looks like a good project to do while watching a movie.  Perhaps a great Christmas garland for next year?

I might try these to stick in people’s mailboxes this Valentine’s but with something else instead of tootsie suckers.  (Can you guess what?)  Also for Valentine’s … do you have extra candy canes still sticking around?  These are cute and fun.

Another food processor recipe.  Hummus with natural peanut butter instead of tahini.  I’m intrigued.

Are you a one-space-after-a-sentence kind of person or two?  I was taught two … and apparently I was taught WRONG.  gasp.  Read a witty article on the proper way to type and not waste space here.

My new go-to sugar cookie recipe.  Much needed because – I don’t think I’ve told you – I have alphabet cookie cutters!

One Response to “link’in.”

  1. Karen January 19, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    Did you notice one of the comments in Gussy Sews blog that Hunt & Gather was mentioned?? That is the place where my sister in law has her stuff. Have you made it there yet? k

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