17 Jan
I don’t know if you know this about me but I have a very special place in my heart for redheads.  I envy females with gorgeous natural red hair (I tried it from a box once – in high school.  Didn’t work for me.) and find myself attracted to redheads of the opposite sex.  (‘Tis true.)  And redheaded children?  They are often my favorites.  (Not that I play favorites …)  I’m not entirely sure what it is but they’re just too cute.  I would love to somehow ‘rig’ my potential childbearing so the result has red locks. (Working on it.)
So when a little red-headed girl in a sweater dress – maybe four years old – forced her way into my pew on Sunday, stuck out her hand and said, “Peace be with you,” I melted into a puddle.  Not only was she the cutest to begin with – a petite little redheaded cutie pie – but she wasn’t shy.  I’d never met this girl before; I was visiting my friend, Adam’s, church in Edina, the Sunday he was installed as their new high school youth coordinator.  As the congregation greeted one another, she walked right up to me – and everyone in the general area – to share the peace of Christ with boldness.  

That we might learn to do the same.

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