Project Etsy.

28 Jan
Jennifer Parker: It’s like Doc’s always saying –
Marty McFly: I know, I know.  If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
Jennifer Parker: That’s good advice, Marty.
I want to put my mind to something.  There’s something I want to accomplish.
But I’m fearful.  I’m fearful of failure.  And let’s face it – no one wants to fail.

I especially don’t want to end up riding in this boat.  No Regretsy, please.  (Thanks to jD for the link to that one.  Chicken poncho?  Really?  There’s a Regretsy blog too – go at your own risk and prepare to be thoroughly disturbed.)

By writing it here, by telling you what’s up, I feel like it’s real and there is no way to go but forward.  And maybe I need that push.
Next week – the week after J-term has ended but before second semester begins – will be the launching of Project: Etsy.  [What’s Etsy?  A homemade marketplace online.  Everything from wonderful to creepy.]  I’ll need a name, some sort of product, a dream of what is to come.  Ideas have been floating around in my head for the last couple weeks; it’s time to bring them to fruition. 
So I’m putting my mind to it and jumping [into a frozen lake, yes – see previous post – and into what will now be referred to as Project Etsy].  To land flat on my face?  Maybe.  But here’s hoping not.

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