links for the wkend.

28 Jan
Here are some of my favorite finds from the week —
This made me so excited.  Now I can make my own scratch-off cards!  (I will admit that I found this tutorial over my lunch today.  I went snowshoeing and then had the supplies – under the Joanne Fabrics clause of my no-buy January – in my possession by 5pm.  I have attempted.  And it works.  Gloriously.  The wheels of creativity in Lindsay’s head are spinning.)
Do you like Nutella?  I think I first experienced Nutella while in Greece and since then, cannot purchase a jar because I eat it.  (I realize that’s the purpose.)  How easy and delicious does this homemade version look?  And how pretty packaged in mason jars.
The St.Paul Winter Carnival begins this weekend.  Who doesn’t want to sit in a chair made of ice?
Are you cleaning at all this weekend?  Maybe the bathroom?  Just grab your Kool-Aid!
Happy weekend-ing!

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