29 Jan
My January class was over [as of yesterday morning].  
The temperature outside was 30 degrees.  
I had an afternoon free and was ready for a new adventure.
I went snowshoeing yesterday with four classmates.  I was worried it might be yet another disaster – that’s what happens when Lindsay tries new winter sports.  Disasters.  (I’m still embarrassed about this ski outing a year ago.  *shaking head*)  For this outing, I remained on my two feet the entire time; in fact, Joel was the only one to hit the ground, and I think most of those falls were intentional.  And it was super fun.  I’ll be watching the end-of-season clearances to see if I can find myself a decent pair to own.  [And until then, who wants to go again?!]

We went to the Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove, rented snowshoes for $5, and made our way out on the trails for a couple hours.  It was wonderful to leave the city for a bit as we crossed tributaries, meandered about on a frozen pond, forged our way through thorny bushes, and walked the groomed paths.

Joel – the troll under the bridge [naturally] – attacks us.


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