love and hate.

9 Feb
The buying of books for a semester of classes.  I love it and I hate it.
I love it because of my secret love affair with books.  I’m the girl who dreams of floor to ceiling bookshelves, and my favorite part of Beauty and the Beast was the library in the beginning.  I love the look of new, crisp books.  I’m filled with hope for the learning that is to be had and the experience each books invites.  They’re just pretty.  (And this is the gal who bought a kindle?  I don’t regret it – in the long run, I think it’s a good way for me to go.  But I still love a book book.)
I hate this purchase too.  I hate the cost.  I’m incredibly thankful that this is my last semester of hundreds of dollars in books.  This picture doesn’t cover all of it either – I have two classes that don’t start until the second half; I didn’t buy those books today.  I’m borrowing books for another class from a friend who had it last semester.    And let’s face it – they’re pretty on my shelf now but soon, as readings are assigned for classes, I’ll likely despise a few of them and probably fall asleep while reading.  

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