cakepop madness.

12 Feb
I’ve talked about them before – cakepops.
Here they are again, in full force.
First, I sent conversation cakepop hearts to my mom and sister.  My sister wrote a thank you on my facebook wall, leading my dear cousin, Connor, to comment in this manner:
“Yeah, Lindsay, thanks for the cakepops, o wait.  I don’t think I got any.  I’m expecting them in a few days!  O by the way, chocolate on chocolate.  Thanks in advance.”

It doesn’t take much to make me feel bad and it takes little to force to me to make cakepops, so these were sent out early last week.  Cupcake bites.  For cute.  I sent them in an egg carton for shipping protection and added cute factors.  I told Connor he had to share with the rest of his family.  Share, he did, but not before eating seven of them himself.  That’s a lot of cakepop.  [Photos courtesy of my iPhone – an app with fun photo edits.]

More cakepop wonderfulness has ensued.  I’m on a team of seniors planning a dinner/party/worship for the evening of the 23rd – the night we receive our regional assignments.  I’m on the food committee with Kevin.  In addition to catering in Pizza Luce, we’ll be serving up cakepops.  

Today was the day the creating happened.  Well over two hundred cakepops – baked on Thursday, rolled on Friday, and dipped today.  Phew.  A crew of seven of us melted, dipped, sprinkled and wrapped.  I now have five galloon-sized ziploc bags of cakepops in my freezer, waiting for the night of the 23rd.  I don’t want to see another cakepop until then.

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