18 Feb
sab-bat-i-cal: (noun) a period of paid leave granted to a college teacher [edit: or pastor] for study or travel, traditionally every seventh year
sab-bat-i-blog: (noun) a period of leave from posting blog entries to dedicated readers, traditionally whenever I want
My sabbati-blog proposal:
1.  I will focus on building relationships.
2.  I will experience life in a (slightly) different culture.

3.  I will hold a baby.

4.  I will enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

5.  I’m off for Arizona!

Folks, whether you accept my proposal or not, I have a plane ticket and as of tomorrow morning, I’m Phoenix bound!  I’m flying out at 6 tomorrow morning [we thought it was a good idea months ago when our tickets were purchased.  ugh.] with Kara [far left] and we’ll be sharing our time in the southwest with both Julia [standing, left] and Deb [far right] who moved to AZ after graduation to teach.  Added bonus: Kara and I have a dinner date with Amanda [third from right] and her husband tonight.  It will be great to get away and wonderful to see college friends.  Deb is married and baby Isabelle joined their family last October, so I’m way excited to meet the first Luther baby of the group!  [the photo was taken senior week before my 2006 graduation.  I remember it was misting/raining that day so I’ll blame the horrid hair on that.]
Upon my return late Tuesday night, it’s assignment time.  It’s grown so much more exciting/nerve-wrecking in the last weeks and when I get back to St.Paul, the day will be here.  My fate is soon decided by the bishops.  My next blog post may very well be one that shares my region assignment!  Until then – think of me in sunshine and 70 degrees.  [*smirk*]

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