24 Feb
It’s a funny process, really.  And unless you’re inside of a seminary or in the church, it’s hard to understand and grasp.  You mean that you don’t get to pick where you get your first job?  It’s hard to think of another chosen occupation where that is the case.  You mean that you can put down preferences for where you want to go but those aren’t necessarily honored?  Pretty much.  
It’s a night the seniors at Luther Seminary had been anticipating for many months or even four years.  It grew closer when we filed our paperwork – the paperwork that the bishops and synod representatives read to best decide placement – at the beginning of December.  I was excited to be a part of a planning committee that put together the festivities last night and thus I’ve had opportunity to think about the night for many weeks, as cakepops were made, scratch off tickets printed, and food ordered.  Finally, the night was here.
The placemats and possibilities.
The senior class shared in a meal together before THE envelopes – in which were letters that held our regional assignment – were handed out to each person awaiting direction.  From my perspective, it was a fun night.  Energy was high, both on the nervous end and the excited end of the spectrum.  After the envelopes were handed out, the atrium erupted into hugs, phone calls, greeting one another and sharing the number that the envelope contained.  From there, we worshipped together – praising, lamenting, being held in our calling and in God’s arms.
My envelope contained this letter and the number three.  Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.  I feel content knowing that I’ll be staying in the midwest, perhaps the tiniest bit disappointed that it wasn’t a five, but completely hopeful and trusting that somewhere within those three states is a congregation for me to serve.  Throughout this manner of assignment, we’re reminded to “trust the process.”  The saying is often mocked by seniors; it can be super frustrating.  But I do trust the process.  I know from previous experience that what I want is not always where I’m meant to be; I cried, protested my move to first SD and then Dawson, and yet, what came of it was the best internship for me.  A good reminder that I don’t always know best.
And now we wait more.  It was great to be given some guidance for what will happen after graduation at the end of May but really, I know now that I could be placed in Minnesota (fingers crossed), South Dakota, or North Dakota.  That’s one giant piece of land.  At the end of next week, hopefully there will be given more information to help me better plan and prepare for the next step in life.
I’m excited.

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