I fell in love.

2 Mar
With straight line quilting.
I’ve loved the look of it for many months, seeing straight-lined quilted items on blogs many-a-time.
I’d always wanted to try it but call me chicken.  The actual quilting of quilts is the part that still trips me up. Ask me and I can easily point out the errors I’ve made while quilting my previous quilts.  I’m not quite sure how my machine works in this step or how to really go about it.  
I’m in the process of putting together two simple flannel kid-sized blankets to send to my friends, Jenni and Joe.  Jenni is a high school bestie of mine; Joe her flannel-wearing husband.  A very exciting thing happened for Jenni and Joe a few weeks ago.  After months of waiting and paperwork, they welcomed their first foster child – nay – foster children into their home.  Imagine going from zero children to an instant two children, ages one and two.  I can only guess that sleep is at a minimum but hope that blessings are overflowing.  You can read more about Jenni and Joe’s story here, on Jenni’s blog.
I wanted to make a little something to send their way and am of firm belief that one can never have too many blankets.  They are solid panels of flannel with a little more flannel in between for warmth, but I wanted to quilt and bind them to give them that look and feel.  
So there I was tonight, straight line quilting.  
It’s going super well so far (fingers crossed), except that I chose my own death as I spaced the lines so close together.  Lots of lines.  Lots of thread.  It’s a learning experience (as all my quilts are) and I know better how to do this next time around.  (But I still maintain this one will look awesome!)  I found myself tonight saying, “I’ll sew one more line and then do my homework.”  “Just one more and then I’ll do the dishes.”  “Just one more …”  I finally sewed just one more and now I’m here, not doing homework or dishes, but updating ‘da blog.  (And after this, pretty sure I’m going to bed!)  I can’t wait to finish them, put the blankets (along with a few other goodies) in a box, and send them off to Jenni, Joe, and their two little munchkins.  I hope they get used and dirty, washed and loved on lots by the children.

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