giant to-do list day.

2 Mar
That is today’s official title.

The to-do list is giant in length and – quite literally – in size.

Wednesdays are my no-class days.  My catch up and work ahead days.  My sleep in a bit, tidy up, and rewind days.  And specifically today – the giant to-do list day.
I’m a list junkie.  I make lists for everything.  I love crossing off completed tasks.  And if the list doesn’t look quite right or gets to messy, I’ll totally rewrite it with my favorite pen and on pretty paper.  I usually make lists on quarter sheets of scrap paper.  But not today.
I made the giant to-do list last night before going to bed last night [note the title] and I must say that I’ve done a stand-up job of checking off items already this morning.  I’m on my second mug of coffee, working hard, and it’s only 11am!
Update blog?  Check.

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