I got the call –

4 Mar
And it Southeastern Minnesota for me!
The call actually came later last night, around 9pm, when I was heading through the door to go out with friends.  The bishop from this synod – which surrounds Rochester, Albert Lea, Red Wing and beautiful countryside of the like – welcomed me to the synod, gave me a few dates to put on my calendar to meet up within the synod, and told me that he was a fellow Luther College grad.  (Always a good thing.)  It was a short phone call but I was excited to get the news.
And I’m pretty stoked about where I’ll be.  Southwestern and southeastern Minnesota synods were my preferences and I think I’m quite content that it is SE.  Being in SE, I’m as close to home as I could be while in region three.  Chances are I’ll actually be closer to home than I am here while in seminary.  This makes events I have lined up in the fall [weddings and a Luther College homecoming] much more possible.  I’ve heard glorious things about the synod from classmates who went through candidacy in SE and know of one other person who is assigned in that direction – and it’s a friend [who I accept and enjoy despite an odd overall – the clothing item – fascination], which will be great to have as the process continues.
Speaking of friends, I have some great ones.  I feel so incredibly supported by those friendly people in my life throughout this whole process.  Last night, I met up with a group of friends and we laughed like I  haven’t laughed in a long time.  Lots of people have been wondering, asking, waiting with me as I wanted my phone to ring last night.  I felt the facebook embrace as people responded when I posted where I was headed [My sister’s comment?  “Proud of you!”], and I know that there were faithful blog readers waiting too.  [Sorry for holding out until this morning to post!  Maybe I’ve ended up teaching you patience, Sharon? :)]  Moral of the story: Thanks, friends.

‎: Hello to the Southeastern MN synod!

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  • Anne, Adam, Laura and 26 others like this.
    • Frank: yea! now can we go celebrate? 🙂

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    • Denise: Where??? What town???

      12 hours ago · Like
    • Lindsay: All I know now is the synod – all other specifics will follow as I interview/am called to a church!

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    • Jeanette: Super “like”!!!!

      12 hours ago · Like
    • Aaron: That is great Lindsay! That is my home synod. You will do great! Congrats!

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    • Gregory: Beautiful country! You’ll love it.

      12 hours ago · Like
    • Cindy: Congratulations Linds! Awesome country! Let us know all…when you know! 😉

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    • Trudy: Can’t wait to hear the details 🙂

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    • Carolyn: Hey Lady! That’s great news, I hope you’re happy with this situation and good fortune continues in your way!

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    • Emma: Yay! You won’t be too far away.
      Proud of you!

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    • Michelle: Congratulations Lindsay!!! How exciting for you!

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    • Sarah: So exciting!!!

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    • Clint: That’s awesome, Lindsay! A wonderful part of God’s world!

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    • Mary: Congratulations, Lindsay! SE MN is a great place!!!!!

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    • Heidi: Great news Lindsay!! I’m sooooo proud of you!

      3 hours ago · Like
    • Adam: Yea Lindsay!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Doug: Woohoo!!!

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  1. cassination March 5, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    it's really happening!! hooray for us!!!multiple exclamation points!!!!!i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and agreed on the laughing ridiculously hard. so. good.)

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