no news.

3 Mar
Today is the day that the bishops of region three gather to divide the graduating seminarians between synods.  Rumor has it they meet and then phone calls begin to those they have acquired.  Bishops call at different points throughout the day [if not the next day] so we were told to be patient.  I’m trying …
Morning:  anxious.
1:30pm: class begins.
2pm: first classmates begin receiving phone calls from bishops.
[class continues.  lindsay is not focused.]
4:30pm : walk to the post office.  no news.
5pm: chat with fellow classmates over their region three assignments.  no news.
6pm: quilt a few rows.  Alias.  dinner.  no news.
7pm: stalk classmates on facebook to learn of their synods.  no news.
7:23pm: still waiting.
7:31pm: to be continued.  as I continue waiting.

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