pinterest: my new interest.

9 Mar
Pins, boards, repinning and following.

Those are my pinterest words.
Pinterest? you wonder.
Pinterest is a site on the interweb [just ipod it] that – if I dare say myself – is a heavy contender to replace my google reader.  It’s like google reader for pretty things.
I don’t even know how to explain and don’t care to admit how much time I’ve wasted on it in the last few days.  I read about this site initially many months ago, requested an invite to the Pinterest community [I feel like that comes with a nose snub of sorts.], and, once I received said exclusive [not really] invite, it was lost in the waves of endless emails that is the constant moving sea of my inbox.  Basically, I forgot about it.
Until yesterday when I got lost in the beauty of this new site and online community.  You create boards of different subjects/items/themes.  For example, I have a ‘recipes’ board on which I pin recipes I find on the web.  When I pin a website to my board, a picture from said website shows upon the board.  There’s little text initially on my board – just pretty, pretty pictures.
You can follow other people’s boards.  See something you like on their board?  You can repin it to yours.  [And this is how it becomes the pretty google reader.]
Confused?  I was at first too.  If anything, take away from this conversation that Pinterest is pretty.  You can visit my boards [I tried to upload a screen capture of what it looks like but failed.] and, if you’re even further intrigued, message/comment and I can send you an invite [raise nose in air] and you can join the Pinterest community too [if you promise to follow me].
Until you visit [or not] my Pinterest site in its beginning stages, see here three of the favorite things I’ve found so far via my latest pinning:

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