dust again.

10 Mar
Ash Wednesday.  The beginning of Lent.  It was on this specific day last year that I think I truly began to live into my vocation, into being a pastor with my whole body and soul.  Something clicked that night last year, something beautiful and yet unable to be completely put into words.  I remember it a year after.

‘There was something cool.  inspiring.  humbling.  to see the congregation worshiping, singing, and remembering that we are dust together.  To see it from a different place – a different physical place in the sanctuary and a different place vocationally – was a gift for me tonight.’ 

I grow excited [can I use the word excited when talking about ashes, dust, and lent?  I’m going to.] to think about next year when I’ll be [hopefully] with a new congregation, new brothers and sisters in Christ, new friends marked with the cross.

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