cakepop competition.

10 Mar

Have you heard?
Cakepops are now being sold at Starbucks.
The novelty of cakepops will be lost.
But I’ll keep making them because mine will taste better.  Right?
Here’s your job.  Both tomorrow and Saturday, from 2pm – 5pm, Starbucks is giving away free cakepops with the purchase of a drink.  I think you should go.  (If you can.  Sorry, Dawson folks, to tease.  I know your closest isn’t too close!)  THEN, please comment with your reactions, whether you’ve had one of mine or not.

My first reaction from a friend was that the coating is too thick, they’re a bit dry, and too sweet.  Second reaction: “I just ate one.  Yours are way better.”  Okay, okay.  I’m feeling a bit better about this … I went after class to snatch one and taste the competition, and … yeah.  I think mine are better.  [Naturally.]  But I’m still curious to hear what you say!  
Since we’re talking cakepops, want to see another Cooking Pastor cakepop video?  [If you don’t, simply don’t click play.]  I planned and taught a group lesson in my mission practices class this afternoon.  Since the class is taught by the same professor who asked me to make the original holiday Cooking Pastor, we thought this would be a good way to kick off our presentation.  [But please know that we realize the metaphor doesn’t work.  It’s a joke, people.  And, this may be another video where if you’re not in seminary, it might not be funny.  Play at your own risk for boredom’s sake.]

One Response to “cakepop competition.”

  1. Karen March 12, 2011 at 9:37 am #

    I love your video! In fact, just last week Kelsey and I were talking about graduation and she said I don't want a traditional cake – I want cake pops! I said I would have to talk to you to get the recipe and she said, "I bet they won't turn out as good as Lindsay's!". Hmfh! Do you think I could get the recipe from you? If I am a total flop at it I might have to hire you to make some. Hairspray rehearsal is in full swing. If you are able to come let us know so we can get tickets for you. They are going on sale next week for the parents.I love your latest blog post – I totally agree!We were really hoping you would get our region but are so happy that you will at least still be in Minnesota! It is beautiful in that part of MN and not that far away from your home! Congratulations! We are all so very proud of you!Take care, Karenps-I love your hair!

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