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Friday Favorites [from facebook]

24 May

I’ve had awesome friends posting awesome things on my facebook wall this week.  Case in point –

This article came to me via mi amiga, Carolyn, who posted it on my facebook wall.  I tease you with two lines.  First, the title: How garden gnomes are causing an uproar at one of Britain’s most prestigious events.  [heck yeah they are.]  Second, the last quote of the article: I’ve learned there is no place for gnomism in my life.  [sad life.]  You should read the rest for yourself.

Just when you think life can’t get any better [with or without gnomism in your life], this video shows up on your facebook wall.  Thanks to Sara dearest for posting it for me to watch and laugh and enjoy.  You should probably know the surprise party skit with Kristin Wigg from SNL for optimum laughter and understanding at this imitation.  Don’t know it?  Google it – watch that video – THEN come back here and watch this one.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


I will also share a photo, taken by a parishioner during worship on Pentecost.  I posted it to the church’s facebook page and it has received more likes than anything else.  It must be a favorite.

Sunday 5-20

What’s in my meal-prepped fridge this week?

21 Apr

I’m so glad you asked.

I just finished cutting veggies, washing fruit, and cooking rice for my week. I haven’t done the dishes yet; those can wait for tomorrow. Or Tuesday. We’ll see.

I started doing my weekly grocery shopping and meal prep a couple Sundays ago and I must say – it is pretty awesome. The Sunday night is crazy and the clean-up sucks. But the rest of the week is pretty low key, clean, and worth it.

I’m only one person. I can’t imagine doing this for a family! Being one, I basically make one main dish and will eat that for one lunch/supper a day. The second meal is typically a salad, and breakfast – dear breakfast – is so simple and yet so my favorite. I also try and cut up a bunch of veggies and fruit to have handy for snacks. Easy peasy, light and breezy.

This week’s main dish: Bok choy brown rice salad with orange sesame dressing. Minus the bok choy. I am making a conscious decision right now to admit failure to you; please be easy on me. When I got home tonight and did a little research AFTER my grocery store run, I figured out that what I thought was bok choy in the florescent light of Hyvee was indeed a leek. I’ve never bought either before. Humor me and agree that they look slightly similar? I know the difference now and will remember FOREVER. [Forever + five years if any of you mock me for it. Then it will be seared in my brain.]

Along with that, I cut lettuce and stored them in mason jars for easy salads. I made overnight oats [old fashioned oats soaked in almond milk, ate cold, is my most favorite food] with strawberries for the week, and baked egg whites in a muffin tin inside a crust of deli turkey meat. I may have bought $8 worth of strawberries which I washed, cut and stored. [I’m a sucker for strawberries. I can’t wait until they’re in season this summer … you know, in early August.] There are a couple new things on my counter too. Apple chips [the most wonderfully simple idea ever – my mandoline has been busy] and date/almond bites.

With that, I’m ready for the week. And maybe, if I travel to Austin tomorrow, I’ll pick up some bok choy to add to my bok choy brown rice salad with orange sesame dressing.

dawn and mr.darcy.

24 Oct
The corn in my backyard was harvested yesterday evening.  With the corn gone, my morning view has improved.  I woke up to this scene this morning:

Which couldn’t help but remind me of this scene from Pride & Prejudice.  I kept waiting for my Mr.Darcy to walk across the field towards me.  [No luck.]  As gal pal, Sara, commented on my facebook post about the photo [profanity warning]: … did your secret love interest’s bitchy aunt just come and try to forbid you from accepting a marriage proposal?  Is that why you were up that early and wandering through a foggy field?  [if you know the movie as well as Sara and I – or really just at all – that should make perfect sense]

[AAA] betty and i.

28 Aug
Oh, the things Betty and I saw while driving to Alaska.  Here is from western Alberta onward …
[the idea didn’t occur to me until then.  for dumb.]

cakepop challenge III.

1 Aug
The video that was filmed over two weeks ago has finally been edited and ready for your viewing pleasure.  This concludes this cooking pastor series, but I’m certain more will follow.  [Maybe one with qie on a stick, according to a text I received from Kendall this morning.  … his ‘p’ key doesn’t work.]
Missed the first installments in this series?  I’ve added a “cooking pastor” tab at the top of the blog – right under the header.  Click there to catch up!

Cakepop Crazies, part II

6 Jul

To see the first episode, click here.
To see where the Cooking Pastor all began, click here.

Lindsay + July = Cakepop Crazies

28 Jun
In this second Lindsay + July installment, I’ll begin to share with you how cakepops will occupy my life and how I’ll share that life with you via video.

ps keep emailing me those snail mail addresses!

love letter to a thesaurus.

11 May
First, watch this.  [There is no embed code and you’ll have to make the jump.  One further apology for the recent abundance of Friends references.  I’m on season one again and it’s in the head.]
I was about to close a few windows on my computer, paused over my dictionary/thesaurus application as if to close it, and then thought, “Nah.  I use that baby all the time.  I’m just going to keep it open.”  This is the result of that thought, too much homework in one day, and the previously linked video clip:
Intimate thesaurus,

I delight in you, a laudable thesaurus.  I recoil from employing equivalent script duplicated in a phrase or write-up and I’m completely about obtaining cutting-edge and diverting methods to construct whatsits.  You as a thesaurus are jolly, utilitarian, and viable, and designate me jovial, blithe, and chirpy.  I aspire to habitually wield you, a thesaurus, in my oeuvre.

Lindsay Poached 

arbitrary facts.

27 Apr
Arbitrary fact #1 : I put way too much spinach in my lunch-time smoothie today.  It was a horrid green and I was almost embarrassed to carry it around.
Arbitrary fact #2 : Rough draft of my thesis completed.  Emailed to potential editors.  Knowing that there are people reading my paper makes me extremely nervous.  At least they’re not reading it in front of me; that’s just cause for complete jitters.
Arbitrary fact #3 : Even though my refrigerator is well stocked with groceries purchased yesterday, Cassie and I went out for dinner after an afternoon at the library.  Punch Pizza, you are delicious.  [Arbitrary fact #3b : Punch Pizza cooks their pizzas for 90 seconds at 800 degrees.  Boom.]
Arbitrary fact #4 : The television in my living room hates me and ABC would not work to watch Modern Family.  
Arbitrary fact #5 : I started The Hunger Games officially today during a few miles at the gym.  I do fear I’m hooked.
Arbitrary fact #6 : I blogged here yesterday but I don’t think I ever told you.
Arbitrary fact #7 : My iPhone was secretly taken from me today by a “friend” who found it funny.  Someday I’ll teach him for stealing from a Stolen.  I didn’t stay angry for too long because then he quoted this –
No one ever quotes that part of Wayne’s World except my brothers and I.  And apparently jD.  We’re meant to be friends forever.
Arbitrary fact #8 : After at least a month of sewing-less days, I plan on returning to the machine this weekend.  Perhaps to tackle this.  As much as I’m addicted to cardigans, I’m also addicted to bags …
Arbitrary fact #9 : My friend, Sarah, wore a cardigan today.  She said it was new, and then she said, “Guess who I thought of when I was buying it?”  Aww, moi.
Arbitrary fact #10 : I had coffee with Joel and Melissa at Borders last night.  [Rainy day = coffee in a bookstore perfection]  I bought a macaron book.  I’ve never ate one before; I hope they’re good.  If anything, they’re pretty.
Arbitrary fact #11 : Bears eat beets.  Bears.  Beets.  Battlestar Galactica.

You’ve read mine.  Now please share with me at least one arbitrary fact from your day.
Ready?  Go.

you can do this, holy cow.

21 Apr
Writing a thesis sure is easier if there’s a song to go with it –
Many laughs and so many thanks to Joel and Melissa for writing, and to Lloyd and Betty for performing.  [Hint:  They’re actually the same people.]  you.are.awesome.  
[This is a short post because, really, what more can I say?  Watch the video and you will understand my amazement and lack of words.  To be a fly on the wall of Joel and Melissa’s apartment would be something.  They taught me how to liturgical dance to Katy Perry’s Firework a few nights ago.  This is one talented and super fun couple, folks!  You should be their friend.]
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