steeples & stilettos.

13 Mar
Once upon a time, there was a new blog.
This blog was written by three beautiful ladies.  All in their twenties, these gals were studying to be pastors, a profession most typically associated and dominated by the male sex.  Men.  And – truth be told – old men at that.  Obstacles, questions, and musings resulted as they confronted, negotiated, and played the system, aka ‘the man.’  The system of seminary, the musings on being young leaders, the questions of being fashionable in church leadership.  [Yes.  It is possible.]
Big questions.  What does it mean to be female and a pastor?  What will it mean to be a young female leader when a church – unintentionally out of necessity – requires that you fear not bats and their inevitable reign in the education wing hallway?  How high of heels is too high when leading worship?
The three beautiful ladies sought to answer these questions, to share fashion fascinations, and to talk about life in general.  A new blog was born.  [Plus there was that whole class project assignment that needed to be fulfilled …]
Megan, Cassie, and I are just starting out at Steeples & Stilettos.  The site was launched on Friday with introductions and the beginnings of what will be.  It will be ever-changing and we hope to keep it going with our life thoughts and church experiences long after we graduate.  

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