Ten things I’ve learned this semester:

13 Mar
[I hope you’re not expecting academic or theological revelations.  You probably should read a different blog if that’s something you crave …]

1.  Margarita salt is essential on rim of said drink’s glass.  [I’ve thought otherwise until recently.  But this also isn’t to say that I drink these daily.  Or weekly.  Simply occasionally.]

2.  Reading for class really is optional, even if the professor says otherwise.  [Ask nearly any of my senior classmates about the amount of reading they do.  Seriously.]
3.  One box cake mix will yield 35-38 cakepops with the large Pampered Chef cookie scoop.  Recent experiments look promising with use of small Pampered Chef cookie scoop.  Yield average pending.
4.  Happy hours on Thursday evenings highlight one’s week.
5.  I’d rather clean than do schoolwork.
6.  Dogs are expensive.  [Learned in research of labradoodle and goldendoodle puppies.  I want one when I get my first call.]
7.  Professors are people too.  [I’ve gotten to know many professors this year beyond the typical student/professor interaction.  It’s been enjoyable.]
8.  An occasional Saturday night of quilting and watching Lord of the Rings is not at all overrated but rather necessary and lovely.
9.  An iPhone is a regular treat, especially using the Carcassonne app to play the really nerdy game with my friend, James, while he’s on internship in SD.
10.  Watering an indoor plant using an ice cube will prevent that sudden rush of water from the bottom of the pot, as the ice cube will melt and gradually soak in, a trick I use with this guy to the left.  [I haven’t killed it off [yet], Karen!]  

2 Responses to “Ten things I’ve learned this semester:”

  1. Karen March 14, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    Does the plant still look really big in that small pot? The gnome is the perfect touch! I was hoping mine would vine down but it looks the same as yours!Take care…

  2. gnome preacher March 14, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    The picture maybe doesn't show it well but it's growing! It fits in the pot nicely and I'm glad – I love the pot too!

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