19 Mar
I have no problem sharing with you that I’d pay good money to stare at Matt Damon in a mediocre movie.  [He’s my favorite.]  But who are we kidding?  He doesn’t do mediocre movies.  Example #23:
The Adjustment Bureau dives deeply into questions of fate and destiny, the different paths we choose [or do we?] and people we encounter in life.  The unfortunate happenstance of spilling coffee and being late because of it can change the course of a journey, the people we meet, the bus we take – so the plot of this film guides its audience.  There’s a plan, a chairman in charge, a destiny we each are to fulfill.
Take it theologically, if you will.  [Cassie and I did.  Or don’t.  It’s awesome either way or with some mastered combo.]  I have had many conversations with friends – those who may not ascribe to particular beliefs or label themselves as religious – that push against God/religion/specific beliefs because of reasons this film addresses [intentionally or unintentionally so is unknown].  To not ruin the film for those of you who will rush to see it upon my advice [Do it!], I say no more.  Except let me know if you do see it.  And tell me what you think.  Or maybe we can go see it together?  [My arm does not need to be twisted for Matt Damon.]

3 Responses to “mmmatt.”

  1. cassination March 20, 2011 at 1:16 am #

    i almost got mad at you for being a title stealer.lucky for you, my matt post also had a last name. still can't get over how good that movie was.and how awesome it will be on my [very small] movie shelf.

  2. gnome preacher March 20, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    Oh my. You make me feel badly. Totally forgot about that as I wrote it … but yeah, probably subconsciously I came up with the title because I had read yours. I was just thinking that Matt Damon is "mmmm" [translation: yummy] and that's where I arrived. Opps?

  3. cassination March 20, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    don't feel bad! i wasn't *actually* going to get mad. it is pretty impossible to not go 'mmm' when you think 'mmmmatt… [nathanson or damon].

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