four pictures.

13 Apr
Four pictures that showcase the joy of my day:

My brother, Ben, on his way back from Alaska via MSP, stopped at my apartment to teach me all about car fuses and replace the broken one that killed my radio, clock, and cigarette lighter.  I helped him find the spare fuses in the fuse box that was under the hood.  I asked, “How do I get it out?”  I had no needle nose pliers in my belt.  [I tell you, the ONE time I’m caught without them!]  There is a tool – a little plastic pincher grabber – in the fuse box to grab the fuses from their places!  Who knew?!  [Okay.  Maybe you did.]  I was certainly impressed.  He changed the fuse but I’m confident I could do it in future situations.  [Maybe.]
A letter from my penpal, C., was found in my mailbox today, complete with a flower!
A box of cakepop chicks and easter eggs sent off to my favorite staff members in Dawson.  Here’s hoping the sugar rush helps them get through the craziness that is holy week in a church.
Excuse me?  Say that one more time, please.  The world’s largest textile garage sale?!  I think I found my Saturday study break!  [I’m pretty sure this is the sale you told me about last year, Karen?  Maybe?  I totally happened upon the poster at a store in Stillwater this afternoon and, boy, am I glad I did!  To think I almost missed it!]

One Response to “four pictures.”

  1. Karen April 16, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    Yes, I think that is the one! How was it? did you get alot of good deals? I am up to my eyeballs in prom dresses. ugh…I just finished for the night. I am getting nervous about all the work that I have with alterations and then with the busy week at church ahead. We got your box of cake pops on Friday! So cute! I had to have the one without chocolate right away. Jam? Loved it! Can I have that recipe too? It was just what I needed for the busy afternoon – I suppose I will share…Love reading your blog!Take care,Karen

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