be creative.

14 Apr
Creativity has been on the brain lately.  In talking with a friend today [I’d say over coffee but he was drinking tea and I was drinking nothing so that would be lying.], we talked about how I’ve embraced my creative side this year.  [Uh oh.  Lindsay’s talking about herself again.  Abort!  Abort!]  I’ve always thrived on being creative in different forms, but this year in particular, it’s become a deep part of who I am.  It’s tied strongly to my thesis [that I still haven’t technically started writing but I have made progress in the forward direction, I promise]; so who wants another quote from my thesis resources?  You do?  Really?  Awesome.  I’d love to share.  Thanks for asking.

“Person implies not simply the freedom to have different qualities, but mainly the freedom simply to be yourself … Creativity is the positive exercise of that human freedom.”  
[John D. Zizioulas, Communion & Otherness]

Go.  You’re free to be unique and be yourself.  Create something no one else would.

Don’t the possibilities just make you giddy?  The possibility that comes with the freedom to be your own person and how genuine creativity is a witness to the unique person you are just makes me purely excited!  I am not lying when I say that my eyes swelled ever so slightly as I read much of this source.  Gospel to my heart.  Be yourself and no one else, damnit!

[Lindsay’s inner monologue:
George: Do you really think I should swear?
Marty: Yes.  God damnit, George, swear!
Thanks to Back to the Future for narrating selections of my life.]

Your favorite way to stay creative/engage in creativity?  I’ll even give you a list from whence to choose.  I’ll go with numbers one, two, three … okay.  All of them.  But really eight.  And eighteen.  Sixteen.  One.  And twenty-eight.  

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

ps  also five.  six.  eleven.  nineteen.  and twenty-five.

okay.  your turn now.  which do you pick?

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