links for the wkend.

15 Apr
Start here for a post that I wrote on armpits.  [You so want to click that link, don’t you?  I knew it.]
Then, let’s talk about this – homemade candy buttons!  I LOVE candy buttons!  
[Not so much the taste of them at all but they certainly are pretty.]

How simple and genius is this?

I think I love shutters.  Both for this use below and for this.

I want to make this wreath.  And these.  [Good thing there are pictures because that is a language I do not understand!]  Okay.  These too.

And what do you think of this?  Cake batter bark!  Nom nom nom.

Now I must nap in preparation of a happy dinner party this evening and a weekend of thesis-izing/textile garage sale-ing.  Happy weekending, friends!

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