mac- mac- macarons.

3 May
Starbucks is killing the cakepop and I’m moving on.  The seven stages of grief are still very real in my baking world but I’m looking for a new focus.  It’s time to settle with the past and look to the future.
[Don’t freak out.  I’m not ditching the cakepop.  Calm down, I say!  I will continue to make, share, and if Melissa has her way, she will be managing my etsy store that sells them.  But I’m ready to try something new too.]

Macarons are rising in popularity, one of the newest trends, much like the cupcake has been the trend of the last year.  [Ever watch DC Cupcakes?  I want pink boots and the skill to do the signature swirl.]  The petite dessert has been named as one of the top food trends of 2011 by this unfamiliar [trusted?] source.  I honestly think I’ve never even heard of this French dessert until the past year, and I certainly had never ate one before.  Have you ever ate one before?  They started appearing on Pinterest and there were too many pretty pictures to stand before I was determined to try them myself. 
I bought a macaron cookbook and it consumed me.  Must make macarons.  And it was so.
I did a trial run last night of lemon macarons with a lemon curd filling.  [You know, instead of homework.]  I have promises to make macarons with friends too, in the next few weeks, but to have a trial run under my belt will help facilitate success in later endeavors.  They worked … but I have practice to do.
A macaron is basically ground almonds [note: leave in the food processor longer], powdered sugar, egg whites [note: beat in mixer longer], and caster sugar [note: find some].  I’m not quite sure where to find caster sugar; any ideas, friends?  Apparently it’s a superfine sugar.  Maybe I’ll try to make my own with the trusty food processor.  The recipes require only three tablespoons of this type of sugar, and last night I substituted regular sugar.  I also need to purchase a proper cookie sheet that fits my silpat for ease and functionality.
Once the batter is mixed, it is transferred to the silpat using a pastry bag and tip.  I’ve never used one of those before – you know, the bags people use to decorate cakes with fancy tips.  It felt awesome, like I was on some fancy cooking show or something.  I loved it.  My macarons turned out anything but perfectly round and the right shape but that can be improved, and I’m happy to practice with the pastry bag.  
They’re light and airy, unique and colorful with lots of possibilities and flavors.  [Much like what I love about cakepops, minus the light and airy pieces.]  Macarons, I think we can be friends.    

One Response to “mac- mac- macarons.”

  1. cassination May 3, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    you can get it at most grocery stores! They call is "super fine" or "baker's" sugar (that was the sugar i was going to get for mojitos, until i decided to make simple syrup). When I bought it last time, it was sold in a container that's like the old-school cardboard milk container (you know what i mean, right? right??)

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