the first goodbye.

4 May
It’s May.  The month I graduate from seminary.  The month at the end of which I move home.  
May is exciting.  Graduation will be exciting.  I’m kinda thrilled to be done with school and looking towards what is next.  There is lots of fun stuff happening between now and the end.  Granted, yes, I have to finish my classes too, but after final papers are turned in, I think nearly every night of mine is booked with last minute Twin Cities adventures and hanging out with friends.
May is exciting but May is also going to be sad.  I will be saying goodbye to a place, a city, and lots of people who have been a part of my life while I’ve lived here.  Today was the first goodbye –
Brentt, my hair stylist.
I told him that I was moving and that he shouldn’t be offended when I don’t show up again in another six weeks.  We talked a bit about where I was going and what was next, and then he said, “If it’s your last time here, let’s do something crazy!”  There was a moment of panic on my part, and then he said, “Let’s straighten your hair today.”
phew.  That I can handle.  I straighten my hair on occasion and those are the days more than three people ask me if I’ve got it cut or simply look at me a bit strangely, not really being able to pinpoint the change but knowing something is different … 
As he began to blow dry and straighten, Brentt said, “It will be our little treat today, since this is it.” I was a little skeptical.  I don’t think I’d ever straightened my hair when it was this short.  And a hair stylist – with the product, tool, and height advantage – can always do it better than I.  Better = straighter, shinier, and smaller.
When he finished, frankly, I was a bit scared.  It doesn’t feel like my hair and, it turns out, when my hair isn’t big, my face looks huge.  Don’t believe me?
One friend saw me walking down the sidewalk on campus, unable to identify it as me for certain from a distance.  Flip-flops?  Check.  Scarf?  Check.  Hair? Um …  I felt like to whatever friend I approached, I had to explain why I looked so out of the ordinary.  I’d put my hands on my head and the first thing out of my mouth was, “I got a hair cut!” [probably too loudly like Will Ferrell’s character on SNL who couldn’t control the volume of his voice.]  With such small, straight hair, I don’t know how anyone can grasp that it truly is me.  In complete honesty, I like my short curly huge hair.  This is just a friendly reminder of that.
I will miss Brentt though.  He helped me find a cut and style for my hair that I really enjoy.  As he walked me over to the counter after my cut, he told me to call for a haircut if I ever came back to the Cities.  Then he said, “Hug,” his two hands motioning such.  Aww.  Hug for you, my gay hairstylist.  You’re awesome.

One Response to “the first goodbye.”

  1. Erin Teresa May 5, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    loved this. and i know exactly what you mean when you talk about the difference between self-straightening and stylist-straightening. whenever that happens, i have to keep touching my hair and pulling on it to make sure it's actually mine.

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