teeth. grain. A TORNADO!

11 May
Paper.  Snow.  A GHOST!  [Fast forward to about 1:10 on this video to follow this joke that plays inside my head.]
Did you know that George was  6’2”?

A fun chap with weird hair he is.
Lauren, Paige and I – all future residents of southeastern MN – ventured to the MN History Center on Tuesday night [It’s free from 5-8pm.] with the eager anticipation of seeing George Washington’s wooden teeth.  Turns out he never actually had wooden teeth – they were clunky and metal and hippopotamus-derived.  Even though he brushed dutifully, he had a mouth of horrid teeth that eventually were pulled.  I know what else you’re wondering but no, we never found out if he chopped down the cherry tree.

While at the museum, we also learned about the history of underwear.  It’s true.  Paige asked, “Me, wear a girdle?”  [The advertisement on the wall asks the question, trying to convince all ladies that they should.]  This was right next to the mirror with the underwear stick-ons.  [Do you understand what I’m poorly explaining?  The paper cut-outs were stuck on the mirror and one is to align themselves in front of the mirror so it looks like you’re wearing them.  Kinda like the mustache on the mirror in The Office that Dwight ends up “wearing.”]  We tried to position ourselves in front of the mirror so it looked like we were wearing the underwear but it was more difficult than one would think.  We could not get that bra and panties to pretend-fit us.
From there, we went to Grainland where we became corn in a grain bin.  We climbed to the top of the grain bin, decided if we were corn or wheat [actually, we had no choice.  the wheat chute was closed.  corn by default.] and then went down the chute to rest in the bin.  In an exhibit meant for small children, we climbed through tubes and squeezed through small spaces as kernels of corn.  We finished off our trip to the history center in a “basement” experiencing a tornado in the weather exhibit, where there were blue men.  [Seriously.  In the winter exhibit, the guys had blue faces.  We get so cold in MN that we turn blue?]  We learned lots in our history museum trip, not to mention got a break from the humid heat that attacked MN yesterday.  I would go back and be corn again.  Definitely.
You can see Lauren in the background; this was before there was a little boy kicking her from behind.

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