love letter to a thesaurus.

11 May
First, watch this.  [There is no embed code and you’ll have to make the jump.  One further apology for the recent abundance of Friends references.  I’m on season one again and it’s in the head.]
I was about to close a few windows on my computer, paused over my dictionary/thesaurus application as if to close it, and then thought, “Nah.  I use that baby all the time.  I’m just going to keep it open.”  This is the result of that thought, too much homework in one day, and the previously linked video clip:
Intimate thesaurus,

I delight in you, a laudable thesaurus.  I recoil from employing equivalent script duplicated in a phrase or write-up and I’m completely about obtaining cutting-edge and diverting methods to construct whatsits.  You as a thesaurus are jolly, utilitarian, and viable, and designate me jovial, blithe, and chirpy.  I aspire to habitually wield you, a thesaurus, in my oeuvre.

Lindsay Poached 

2 Responses to “love letter to a thesaurus.”

  1. Erin Teresa May 12, 2011 at 9:18 am #

    ah ha!

  2. mahzzot May 15, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    Pet Lindsay,This post is absorbing, affecting, arresting, august, awe-inspiring, consequential, cool*, deep*, dramatic, effective, eloquent, excited, exciting, extraordinary, forcible, grand, impassioned, important, imposing, inspiring, intense, lavish, luxurious, majestic, massive, momentous, monumental, moving, noble, notable, penetrating, prime*, profound, remarkable, rousing, splendid, stately, stirring, striking, sumptuous, superb, thrilling, touching, towering, vital, well-done.Aboveboard, candidly, deeply, earnestly, frankly, from bottom of heart, genuinely, in all conscience, in all sincerity, in good faith, ingenuously, naturally, profoundly, really, truly, truthfully, wholeheartedly, without equivocation,Justin From the Red Meadow

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