the things I thought yesterday –

17 Jun
I miss Brent.  [I got my hair cut by a new person and it just wasn’t the same.  She didn’t dry the inside of  my ears or brush off my back when I was done.  The haircut itself is sketchy; stay posted.]
My sister was a darn cute baby.  [We put up photos for the grad party yesterday.  Never mind the fact that we looked a lot alike as children.  This leads to picture confusion; we’re often told apart only by the color of the carpet in the background, the clothing being worn, or the hairstyle of the person holding us.]
I need a red stole!  A set of stoles!  And an alb … and a cleric … [so unprepared and so do not know what happens next or what I need to do]
I love my cousins.  [Sam and Molly came out to help with housework yesterday.  They spread mulch like little troopers.]  Also, hammocks can entertain children for hours and children falling out of hammocks [if not hurt] is quite funny.  [That would be Sam who tried to jump backwards into the already swinging hammock that contained his sister.  He overshot the skinny gathered part of string and went straight over it and landed on his back on the grass under the hammock.  I can still play it over in my head – too funny.]
This graduation party is not a wedding reception.  [Wait.  That’s what my mother told me.  I was getting carried away.  It’s true.]
I wonder what my future craft room will look like …
Is a four-cup coffee make enough?
It’s strawberry season!  Plans to pick next week.
I wish I had guts like Skeeter in The Help; I kinda feel like I have her hair. [I finished this novel last night and was sad that it was over.  It also has made me wonder how I would act as a white woman in the south in the 1960s if that was my life; would I be a Skeeter or a Hilly?  It’s a scary thought for me; I fear I’d be one of the crowd.]

2 Responses to “the things I thought yesterday –”

  1. ourlittlesliceofhappy June 17, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    A four-cup coffee maker is never big enough. Especially if you ever have guests who drink coffee. You can never have enough coffee! Unless you are into making small batches of flavored stuff. Just my two cents worth…

  2. Erin Teresa June 17, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

    I will concur with Ourlittlesliceofhappy; when I was in college, it wasn't enough, and now that I'm older, it definitely wasn't enough. I graduated to a 12-cup maker about a year ago. It's the perfect size with one roommate. We usually make about 10 cups and then finish the pot if we're both home in the morning until noonish. Sometimes, we even make more. Wow. We are not healthy.

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