formal vs. casual.

25 Jul
I meant to blog about this a few days ago but, well, time slipped away.  Something about an ordination?
I received a package towards the end of last week.  The return address was Stillwater; the last name was Gieseke.  I knew I was in for a treat.
Inside the package was a bag of all sorts of practical things any pastor needs.  Emory boards, whale playing cards, note paper, glow sticks, and more.  Plus a can cozy.
Yes.  A can cozy.
This can cozy was designed especially for me, to showcase both the formal and the casual sides of being a pastor.  You’d best bet I put it to use last night in the celebration at my house that followed the ordination.  Both formal and casual characters were documented.  I’ll let you figure out which is which.  Good luck.

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