25 Jul
You know about my ‘naners, right?  [Dancing Bananas/high school friends/ring a bell?]
I was so grateful that three of them were able to celebrate with me yesterday.  And herein is the only group photo I took of the day –

[Krissy, right, insisted that she stand there and her twin sister, Kim, stand on the left so it would be a Poff sandwich.  I argued that the Poff girls should have stood in between the bread of Lynn and I because who has a wheat sandwich?  Rye?  No.  You call a sandwich by what’s on the inside.  Oh well.  One battle I lost, obviously not influenced or helped by the magical powers I received earlier.]
Many of you were snapping away and for that I am grateful!  It would be super awesome if you could email me the photos you have so I can blog, facebook, and print them off to share!  [Please and thank you?]

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