a gift.

26 Jul
I was showered upon with hugs, prayers, cards, love, and gifts at my ordination.  [yeah, yeah, yeah, lindsay.  you’ve mentioned this before.]  It’s true.  I want to share one of these gifts with you.  It’s one that came wrapped like this:
The same way in which I wrapped Lori’s ordination gift from Grace last year with old, old bulletin covers that still hang out in the copy room.  They’ve come in handy!  [I still remember carrying the ugly, tacky box into Lori’s church and putting it on the floor by all the other gifts.  The preaching pastor for the ordination, one Pastor Mary, was standing nearby and she sincerely complimented me on the wrapping.  “Oh.  Oh!  That’s so nice.  Wonderful.”  Really, Pastor Mary?]
Inside of this box I unwrapped while sitting on the grass outside, surrounded by the Grace folks and others intrigued by such folly [I probably attracted over by reading the card aloud with such emphasis and emotion.], were many things.  Many things.  Not pictured are the gifts from the 50th anniversary of Grace that happened this past June.  A cookbook, notecards, and an ornament.  Super cool.  Then there were these things –
A bat catcher.  Something every church/pastor needs.  [What will I do when I don’t have a Batman to catch the bats at Red Oak Grove?!]

A “cooky” pastry press.  Lynn showed me how to use it.  It’s for ladyfingers, eclairs and more.

A purple gingham apron, a piece of really strange red and green fabric, a purse/pocketbook thing [for church keys, I guess], and a new sewing book.
And, naturally, new cardigans.  Three to be precise.  A light pink, fleece gray, and a knit pink.  They’re only slightly sketchy and likely need to be washed.  [Courtesy of the thrift store in Dawson and excellent thrifting done by the staff.]
Good job, Grace.  Good job.

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