a happy wednesday.

27 Jul
For a day that started off with me sitting in the lounge at the toyota dealership and shelling out a couple hundred bucks for needed repairs on Sprocket, it turned into a happy wednesday.  Why the happiness?
I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie.  Cousin Colin and I went in fear.  In fear that we would cry a lot.  In fear that we would be so sad that it’s come to an end.  In the car ride to the theater, we both said more than once, “I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”  Ready or not, two weeks past release, we watched the Harry Potter saga end.  What did I think?  I’m still processing.
I received these in the mail today.  Quite honestly, they are more beautiful than I ever expected them to be. I love them.  I love them a lot.  [I’ve been crushing on these bowls from Anthropologie for well over a half year.  This set was bought as an ordination gift and shipped to me.]  I’m in love … with latte bowls.

I spent nearly an hour in phone conversation with a friend.  The reason for the call was not happy to begin but it was great to connect.  Miss her.
I received a reusable sandwich/snack bag from the Reilly clan [who are also behind the bowls!].  I’ve actually been meaning to sew a few of these – I think the idea of reusing baggies like this is genius.  Now I’ve received one that matches my lunchbox in theme – gnome.  The sandwich bag reminds me that gnomes also walk their dogs, have gardens, play trumpet, and may possess creepy teeth.
I drove back to Madison tonight to pick up my younger brother, Ben, from the airport which he arrived at via bus.  This is my brother who moved to Alaska a few months ago and is making an appearance at home for the auction this weekend.  He flew out of Anchorage and into MSP early this morning.  His first flight out to Madison was cancelled.  His rescheduled flight was cancelled.  Apparently, no other flights existed and so at 5pm – five hours after he was originally scheduled to arrive in Madison – he boarded a bus to get to Madison.  Poor guy.  But fun to see him and catch up!  [Did you know they don’t have thunderstorms in Alaska?  There’s your fun fact for Wednesday.  I had no idea.]  Right now it’s a shot in the dark but there might also be a bit of Alaska adventure for me in the next month.  You see Ben has a car here.  He wouldn’t mind having it in Alaska.  Enter Lindsay with a wide-open August.  I might take a tour through Canada to Alaska with my brother’s Subaru.  The idea has only just surfaced … but here’s hoping it might work!  [With maybe a stop in Havre, J&M?  According to google, it would only add two hours to the drive.  So worth it!]

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  1. Melissa and Joel July 28, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    Yes, yes, yes…we'd love to see you:)!

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