speaking of letters –

2 Aug
I learned a trick today.  Not juggling or magic, but nearly as thrilling.
I’ve frequented the Edgerton Post Office since returning home as it meets all my postage and mailing needs.  Mr.Bill behind the window has become my friend.  He often asks me how I am and then compliments my sister’s latest photo in the paper.  [Or so it seems happens often enough.]  
Today, Mr.Bill let me into the inside.  The inner workings of the USPS.  To what’s behind the blue uniforms.
I went to mail a 5×7 manilla envelope.  Maybe it was 6×9.  Anyways, he said it fell within the dimensions of a letter and it wasn’t stuffed thick enough that it needed to go as a package.  He saved me nearly fifty cents by telling me the secret.
In order for it to be considered a letter and not a package, those metal clasp tong separator things – you following me? – had to be pressed down underneath the flap and then the flap is taped/sealed shut.  If those metal clasp tong separator things are put through the punched hole and then pressed down, it is considered a package and thus, more money to send.
I fixed that sucker right there, Mr.Bill hooked me up with packaging tape, and I was out the door, fifty cents richer.
Let us all thank Mr. Postmaster Bill.

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