[AAA] Companions.

3 Aug
Thus begins the blogging of the August Alaskan Adventure.
I toyed with the idea of starting a new blog simply to chronicle the hours of driving and sitting in a car but then landed on keeping just the one blog.  You all stop here already; no sense redirecting you elsewhere.  My August Alaskan Adventure blogs will be identified henceforth by the acronym [AAA].
It’s the real deal now.  I bought my return flight ticket last night.  I fly from Anchorage to Long Beach to Chicago in the course of 14 hours beginning in the wee hours of Saturday, August 20th.  But first, I must to get to Alaska.
I’ll explain once more the reason for this adventure.  My brother, Ben, moved to Valdez, AK a few months ago.  As he moved, he drove his diesel truck and pulled his camper.  Since arriving in AK and loving his new location, he has sold his camper.  While he was home oh-so-briefly for the auction this past weekend, he mentioned how he wished he had his car with him in Valdez.  [He had left his car at home and actually tried to sell it with no luck.]  Diesel is expensive and without a camper to pull, he doesn’t need such a big truck.  He doesn’t have the time off to drive his car back and so I raised my hand.  I have the month of August and as long as he is paying the gas, I’m game for an adventure.  And so [AAA] began to be planned.
Just as Frodo set off from Rivendale with seven [seven?] companions, so I will be leaving Edgerton at the end of next week with a few of my own.  
First, meet Betty.  That’s what I’ll call the Subaru Outback that will be my constant companion and ride.  We think Betty is in pretty good mechanical order, but we might get her in for a check-up before departure just to be sure.  Betty already has a hatchback full of things that Ben wants in AK, including old [we’re talking like antique old] skis and rowboat paddles that extend up past the middle console and near the shifter.  Betty might need some packing readjustments before we spend a week together.
Second, the Milepost.  You likely can’t read the header at the top of this hefty guide so please, allow me.  “Since 1949, the bible of north country travel.”  This will tell me where to find gas, when to watch out for moose, and where I can stop and have a photo op with a t-rex.  [Milk River, Alberta, Canada]  This hefty book will be my friend and guide for the next couple weeks as I plan my route, my stays, and actually make the drive.
My cousin, Paul, might tag along too but haven’t heard back from him for certain.  I’ll likely bring a gnome too.  It will be nice to have someone to talk to when cell service fails me and I need a break from Josh Groban.  I’m excited and nervous to take the trip; I honestly think I’m a bit in denial about what 60 hours of driving really means.  Here’s hoping I find places to stay with wifi along the way so you can be with me as I slowly go crazy amidst the mountains and mounty men of Canada.

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