11 Aug
I’ve never been to North Dakota before and now I get the chance to drive all the way through it.  [First impressions?  Lots of trucks.  I like.  And I now understand what amber waves of grain look like.]  I’m resting for the night in Valley City after a nine hour day of driving.  Harry Potter on audio book and a country song playlist kept me awake and alert.  It actually wasn’t too bad until my butt started to hurt from sitting for so long.
I arrived in Valley City, checked into the hotel for the night and then friend, Kara, from seminary came to visit!  She lives about an hour and a half from VC but willingly made the trip.  We hopped in her car and explored the town briefly.  VC is known for its bridges so we went on a bridge tour about town.  [It’s amazing how towns cash in on weird things for tourism.  And how they make such a big deal out of these bridges when, really, they’re just bridges … a couple are kinda cool.  But still.  Bridges, people.]  We drove about town and then sat for a nice dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel.  It was great to see her and have someone to visit with before settling in for the night.

loooong railroad bridge over the valley.
[Which I’m totally ready to settle in now.  I’m exhausted and have a ten and a half hour drive – at least – ahead of me tomorrow.  Not only is it ten and a half hours but it’s ten and a half hours of … nothing?  North Dakota and eastern Montana.  More Harry Potter and Lady Antebellum sing alongs!  I think I’ll be showering and heading to bed.  Early to bed and early to rise! On the road by 7am?  I’m going to try!]

[ps I added a photo of the werewolf to the previous wedding post just so you could see this crazy dog that crashed the ceremony.  check it out here.]

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