[AAA] I’m alive.

12 Aug
Hi friends.  After 12 hours in the car and 650 miles through two states, I’m still living and breathing.
Today I learned that North Dakota really doesn’t deserve its bad reputation [in my humble opinion – though I also realize it’s August and not January].  I made a pit stop in Lindsay, Montana briefly to stretch my legs and snap a photo.  This is also the place that spurred the tweet, “Meeting men in trucks in Lindsay, Montana. #serious.”  [Neither of them were my age but we did have a fun conversation.]  I gave my heart to the landscape of Montana and arrived safely to Joel and Melissa’s home in Big Sandy, MT.  
Here I rest for the night in the company of seminary friends and their visiting family.  I plan on not leaving for Canada until late morning/noon tomorrow; there is a carmel roll with my name on it at the Bear Paw Cafe down the street.  Tomorrow will be an easy day of only six and a half hours of driving with a hotel reservation made in south Calgary.  I figure when in the company of good friends and as a gift to myself after twelve hours of driving today an easy day is acceptable.  I’ll blog more tomorrow night when I have no one else with whom to visit; for now, I return to the land of living people and retire to the living room where two young boys battle it out for a ball in their diaper/underwear.  [J&M’s nephews.  They’re young so underwear is acceptable attire.]
But first, a few photos of my day –
Theodore Roosevelt National Park – the ND Badlands

This is how Montana stole my heart.  Now I need a farmer and a truck.

Joel teaches me the beauty of the Hostess Zinger.

One Response to “[AAA] I’m alive.”

  1. Lightning Crashes August 13, 2011 at 10:46 am #

    love the farm field photo. remember when i said i wanted to live in montana on a horse ranch? i think i still would… life seems so much simpler out there.keep blogging & safe travels!-lk

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