[AAA] What’s next.

13 Aug
I’m staying in a swanky hotel in Calgary tonight [applause welcome as I conquered the Calgary highways to find the place where I had made a reservation – it’s right across the road from IKEA] and this is the last planned place I have to sleep.
This is pretty much the only photo I have of Canada so far.  It’s at a rest stop just past the border.  Impressions of the neighbors to the north so far?  It looks a lot like Montana.  That will change with tomorrow’s drive.
I have no more reservations because I just don’t know how long roads will take me to drive or how long I’ll be able to drive.  This is exhilarating and a bit overwhelming.  If I feel 10.5 hours of driving is in me tomorrow, I can make it to Prince George, a decent size town northwest of here.  But we’ll see.
Because tomorrow begins the mountain travel.  The gawking and the [likely] constant stopping to soak it in and take photos.  How long it will take to travel in this style I just don’t know.  We’re playing it by ear and hoping I don’t get car sick in the mountains.  [I’ve always been subject to queasiness while riding on buses or as the passenger in a car.  This is often while I prefer to drive on long trips.  After yesterday, however, through the ups and downs of Montana, I wonder if I can still get queasy while driving.  I felt a bit car sick yesterday and cross my fingers that tomorrow won’t be any worse.]  I also hope I don’t get super sweaty hands while in the mountains – I don’t do so well with driving on scary roads.  [Thank you for your prayers!]
That being said – not knowing where I will land tomorrow night – no worries or surprises if I don’t appear on the blog tomorrow.  [It actually might be the case for the next three nights.  But I would hope I could at least find a McDonalds for a quick update at some point.] There may be no blogging tomorrow because the hotel I find doesn’t have wi-fi or it might be because I’m sleeping in my car at a campsite next to tents and campers.  We’ll see – it’s all part of the adventure!
[I’ll end the night of blogging with this, post number four.  But remind me to tell you later about my new distaste for Nicholas Sparks, the raccoon I almost killed, “I want my scrambled eggs!,” and my love of grain elevators.]

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