The Pioneer Woman.

13 Aug
I’m on a blogging roll.  Something about spending so much time in the car by myself thinking.  Read them all, skim them a bit, or throw your hands up and yell, “It’s too much, Lindsay! I give up!”  Whatever your reaction to the overabundance of posts tonight, I understand.  [Have I told you lately I love you?  I do.]
Seeing the cattle alongside the road, the endless sky of Montana, and the fields that go on forever make me think about someone I’ve been meaning to write to you about for the last couple months –
The Pioneer Woman.
She’s a real person.  Really.  Ree Drummond is her name and I think I idolize her.  I want her life.
The Pioneer Woman is a blogger extraordinaire.  She’s terribly witty.  She has published cookbooks [Her recipes always include loads of butter.] and has a kick-butt iced coffee recipe [Okay. That doesn’t include butter.].  She’s an awesome photographer, home schools her four children, and married the Marlboro Man.
That’s not his real name either and he doesn’t smoke.  But she’s a city girl who was swept off her feet by a country man.  She moved to the ranch and makes her living there, battling between the suburban roots and her current love of the country.  You can read about her life here in her own playful words.
Driving through Montana makes me want her life even more.  I could marry a cattle-rancher-truck-driver and live here.  It honestly wouldn’t take much pull on my end.  I want to buy a fancy camera and blog ridiculous stories about horses and how I try to love them.  [That’s the one piece that needs convincing on my end; horses are not my favorite.  Well, and are there snakes in MT?  I don’t do well with snakes.]
Maybe southeastern Minnesota will become like a Montana for me but at this point, I need convincing.  Something like this would convince me.  Seriously.  

One Response to “The Pioneer Woman.”

  1. Erin Teresa August 14, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    I have often recently thought the same thoughts, lady! There is much to be said about the gentlemanly way country boys treat women. And what a beautiful living- to work in and on the land. So connected to everything :)I think you should find a rancher on your way back. For sure.

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