[AAA] Yesterday.

13 Aug
I gave you the short end of the story yesterday.  I was at Joel and Melissa’s in Big Sandy, MT and I was anxious to catch up and spend time with them while I had the chance.  Here’s what you missed –

I drove through North Dakota on I-94 and was so impressed with what I saw!  I feel like North Dakota – much like it’s southern counterpart – gets such a bad reputation.  The fields of sunflowers were in bloom and it was not at all flat like I expected.  As I neared the Montana border, I found myself in the midst of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a park that I’ll admit I’d never even heard of before.  I pulled over briefly to see the badlands and then had to not gawk as much as I would have liked while I drove onward.

Once in Montana, I was incredibly impressed again.  The beauty of the open sky and winding hills in the eastern part of the state was breathtaking.  That sound hokey, I know, but it was gorgeous.  Give me a rancher husband and I think I might move there in an instant.  [More on that to come.]  I stopped oh-so-briefly in Lindsay, Montana.  Lindsay!  Spelled correctly!  I pulled over onto a gravel road just to stretch my legs and maybe attempt a photo of myself by myself in front of the city sign.  That photo never happened because instead I got visitors.  

I had parked in front of this building and it turns out, it’s the place to be in Lindsay, Montana.  Great lunch.  A red truck came rolling down the gravel road and towards where I had parked, just across the street from this questionable building.  The driver of the truck rolled down his window and this is what happened:

Driver: They open yet?
Me: What’s that?
Driver: (points) They open yet?  We just came down to see if they were serving lunch.  Best lunch around.  (something about a combine and this played into the timing)
Me: Oh, I’m not sure.  I just stopped to stretch my legs.
Driver:  Where you headed?
Me: Alaska.
Driver: Oh wow.
[We continue to chat about the route I’m taking and the passenger – a cute boy in farming clothes, probably around 25 – pipes in about his friends who drove to Alaska.  They wish me luck and on they go.]
It was oh for cute.  It kinda made my afternoon.
In conclusion, both North Dakota and Montana are bee-u-tiful [in the summer].  

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