14 Aug
I stay the night in Prince George, a town in the province of British Columbia.
British Columbia: the best place on earth.
That’s what the sign said when I drove out of Alberta and into the new province.  The best place on earth.  
So, while in the best place on earth, I sit in my slightly-sketchy hotel room [the hallways remind me of the hotel in The Shining], blog [at least I have internet], and watch Bridget Jones’ Diary.  The Starbucks at the hotel I initially stopped at [the rooms were too expensive but with a cute and very helpful desk clerk] was closed [by 7pm] and whenever the people above me turn on their water, it makes a high-pitched noise from the ceiling of my bathroom.  I made phone calls to my credit card companies because my recent charges in Canada were deemed “fraudulent.” I just ate a pb&j [the same thing I had for lunch] with a fruit cup and trail mix.  I think I might stay awake for another half hour reading about tomorrow’s drive and then go to bed.  best. place. on. earth.
[I mean, really, British Columbia?  How can you even say that?  You’re pretty.  For sure.  But best place on earth?  That’s just setting people up for disappointment.  We’ll see how the British Columbia of tomorrow suits me.]  
This is in Alberta.  [Another Lake Louise photo because it’s just too darn pretty.]
[I’m not really in a bad mood or mad at BC.  The trip is still going well and I’m beginning to get excited to arrive in Alaska.  I’m just saying that having a slogan which tells people your place is the best in the world is a bit extreme and subjective.]

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