[AAA] Wildlife.

14 Aug
Lots of cattle and horses.  Those are a given.  [And a bit boring for what I’d like in the Canadian outback.]  Oh, and giant black ravens.  Those are gross and make me think of the Edgar Allen Poe short story in a much different [gross] way.
Unfortunately, the only moose I’ve seen so far have been the pictures on the yellow signs warning me that they may cross the road in the next five kilometers.  [Or, my favorite, in the next 88 km.]  No moose.  No elk.  No caribou.  [I’m not sure I even know the difference.]
There was a coyote [I’m guessing here] on the side of the road – like sandwiched between the lane and the guardrail.  A few deer to the side early in the drive today.  I swear I saw a bear in the woods to the side of the road but there is no way of verifying that as fact.
I can, however, verify that I saw mountain goats.  [I think that’s what we’ll call them.]  I saw brake lights ahead of me and slowed down to find the goats thinking they owned the road.  I stopped as these three started walking right at the hood of Betty. I swear I made eye contact with the front goat, and we had a tiny stare-down about whether or not he was going to come to the window to visit or not.  [He decided on not.  Next time.]

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