a church auction.

18 Sep
Let’s recap.  The Lynn/Kyle awesomeness of a wedding yesterday.  Lindsay arrives back home [still a relative term] at 1:30am.  In the office by 7:30 that morning to prepare for Sunday morning worship, which is the first time I’m presiding over communion.  [I messed up the wine words.  opps.]  Following worship was an hour long annual meeting.  Following the annual meeting was a lunch, and following the lunch was the church auction.  Lindsay was out and about for twelve hours today in midst of people and crowds and auctioneer babble.  

It was a long day but it was a good day.  I bid on stuff.  This was my first time actually bidding on items at an auction and it was slightly awesome.  I want more.  Actually, it more than slightly awesome.  It’s like crack.
I gained a posse of ROG children.  Anna, Jessica, Gracie, Rachel, and Grace stuck out much of the auction with me.  A long day it may have been, but it was good to chat with people on a more in depth level than when we shake hands after worship.  I learned that a congregation members makes his own wine [new hobby for lindsay?] and that there is a young couple who are members [but rarely attend because of job travel – he’s a dog trainer] and we really got along well.  
I donated 30 cakepops to the baked goods auction.  They brought in $40 – wooten.  Better than that perhaps is that the woman who bought them – Mary – said there would be interest in having a cake pop class of sorts.  If I taught, they would bring the wine.  Sounds like the best plan ever to me.
I bought a typewriter, not necessarily to use but to look at because it’s pretty and romantic.  Typewriters just have an aura of cool and vintage to me.  I paid a whole dollar for it.

Maybe someday I’ll write you a letter using my typewriter … but probably not.  Don’t hold your breath.  I also bought a wooden chair [$10] and was given a ‘uge black frame that someone didn’t want in with a bundle of other things.  I will put paper or fabric in it and it will be a great addition to an empty wall.
Being halfway through my glass of red wine, it’s time for bed.  So sleepy.  A new week begins tomorrow; here’s hoping it is a step up from last.

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