a house tour.

20 Sep
I finally moved the boxes of things I don’t want to unpack right now to one of the empty upstairs bedrooms where I will unpack and dig as needed.  For now, I’m happy to have a box-free downstairs and a living area that actually kinda sorta looks lived in.  It’s still a lot of space – a lot – and lots of carpet to vacuum.  Come play and we’ll do cartwheels or go gnome bowling.

This is the east side of the ‘great room,’ which will become the board game/puzzle/appetizer corner once I buy bar stools.   Scrabble is out and ready for your visit!

The view through the dining room and into the kitchen from the game corner.  I love my expedit shelves from IKEA dearest.

I don’t even know what to call this room – this is the view towards the front door from the ‘great’ room.  Right now it’s empty.  This is where we’d do cartwheels and play gnome bowling.

The other half of the ‘great’ room with my super tiny television.  [It was in my craft room but I found myself wanting to sit out here instead of there.]  

The super awesome wonderful kitchen.  Counter stools will go where the random garbage can is currently sitting.  To do: buy stools.  
I still deprive you of the complete tour – craft room, guest bathroom, and office photos still to come.  Thanks for visiting!

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